Sunday, September 14, 2008

go jarom:)

This post is entirely dedicated to you babe!
(I love how nauseated and completely disgusted you get when people call each other pet names....especially babe or baby) that one's just for you:)
I am extremely proud of you and thrilled that you Passed the Utah Bar ! What a journey!?! I know how anxious and nervous you were to receive the most anticipated "letter" of our lives....and I just want you to know that seeing your grin yesterday when you opened it made it ALL worth it for me. (Do you know that you bite your bottom lip EVERY time you are happy but trying desperately not to smile ...and I love it). I know we have discussed COUNTLESS times in the past 4.5 years of our 5 year marriage if THIS journey was worth it. Often times we weren't so sure.
Instantly it was ALL worth it.
(p.s. please remind me honey, on Oct. 1st when our first Loan Payment is refer back to this post:)
* working overtime to afford all the text books for you to even START studying for the LSAT admissions test:)
* Spending every Saturday of our entire first year of marriage, timing you with a stopwatch while you took 4 hour Practice LSAT's over and over:)
* Being completely sick the day you took the LSAT (it should have just been me for how nervous I was)!
* Helping fill out applications to over 30 Law schools...and paying ALL of them even though I didn't want to:)
*Flying to check out the schools/cities...traumatized at the thought of having a baby "away"
*Selecting a school...holy crap, that was hard.
*Moving away from my family and to impossible.
*Three years of no sleep, piles and piles of books and reading you flashcards because I BEGGED to help you, even though I know it was more of a pain:) That short description of what they call "law school" doesn't do it justice.
* Working full-time to support us while you studied.
* Working AFTER I had our son to keep us from being in debt up to our eyeballs....even though I cried NIGHTLY as I kissed him goodbye.
* Standing by you throughout at least 200 interviews
* Letting you eat completely disgusting and unhealthy amounts of Little Caesars pizza and Mountain Dew during every "Finals Month" without nagging:) That was so much harder for me than you think. seriously.
* Moving across the country TWICE
* Encouraging you to study each night for the bar instead of spend time with us...even though my heart hurt for how much I wanted you to burn ALL the books and pretend it was over:)
ALL of these things that I complained about over the past 4.5 year journey.... became worth it. Immediately. I still have moments when I feel like "this" choice was a REALLY HARD choice. That certain parts of our life would have most certainly been easier, less stressful or more cheerful (let's add less expensive to that list too).
*** was it rewarding for ME....(the person who has stood helplessly by your side throughout, wishing I could take away the pressure or stress, yet always unable to help) to watch you experience the END. It's finally over and you did it.
I feel as though I have gone through law school myself the last few and breathing EVERY SINGLE test day, interview, exam, project, paper...right along side you.
Come to think of it....they should totally send me a diploma. And while their at it...they can address one to my list of FOREVER BEST FRIENDS who know exactly what I'm talking about... for they have either lived it....or ARE living it right now:)
10- and all others!
Go Jarom. I love yer guts....AND
Thank you...for doing it all...for us.
Kris and Jax


Kyle and Janel said...

CONGRATS JAROM!!! and of course to you kristin and jaxson! I can't wait for the day to be DONE! So there really is an end to all this right?! Well it will be exciting to see what the new phase in life brings. good luck and we miss you and your cute family here. especially now that it is flag football time.

allegra said...

YAY!! that's awesome news you guys. congrats~ to BOTH of you b/c as a mom and wife of a student I know how much you have sacrificed too:) I'm right there with you!! the debt, the schooling, the never ending not seeing your hubby, the feeling that school has stole your hubby from you (ha!), the late study nights, all of it... it's hard! BUT it all paid off and that's great news! I'm excited for you both!

Yes, I've loved living outside of Utah. Besides missing my family SO bad, it's just an awesome experience. In fact I think it's strengthened our marriage and family so much having to rely on each other and grow together in new places, etc.

Ok this is so long..sorry! oh, what else? oh yeah...yes the actions are great! (those latest ones I've used.) I think they're totally worth the money and they give your photos a nice "pop." Most of the time I don't use actions..just do my own thing/steps in photoshop but I really like hers! Try 'em out.

...and funny your hubby recognized me b/c when I first saw your blog I just KNEW I knew him, but I didn't know where from. You know? And it was driving me crazy. Yes, I went to USU. Small world:)

The McClellan Family said...

NICE - Good job you guys way to pass the bar the first time around! I'm giving Chad a 3 time max before we count our loses and he has to become a janitor. We miss you guys. Wish you were around this year now that Kate is much more pleasant on outings (unlike the time we went to try on modbe and she screamed until she gagged and then threw herself down on the bathroom floor and cracked her head - good memories. Glad to hear you will be making some money so you can start chiping away at those loans.

Maranda said...

Yay Jarom....I knew he could do it! You don't even realize how much I envy the position you guys are in right now. I'm praying that I will be saying all this was worth it once we're done. We miss you guys tons!

Amy! said...

K.. This post makes me want to tell Mark that I would be perfectly content if he suddenly decided he didn't want to go to law school anymore!! LOL..Mark wants to go back east somewhere for school.. This will be my life in a nut shell i'm sure!! Congrats you guys :)

The Johnsons said...

Congrats! :) I can't wait for that day at our house, but until then I am trying to enjoy the ride! :) I am glad that I have you to proove that you really can finish! :)

Greg G. said...

Nice job Jarom. Congratulations. Now, start charging some serious fees (in 6 minute intervals). But don't send me an invoice for the time you spent reading this . . . I'd guess at your new rate it would be like $30 for the 30 seconds.

Carin said...

Congrats to Jarom and you! I agree with the part about them sending you the diploma! I feel like I should have an MBA along with JC... just not fair.

Hey, so I really want to order some Modbe from you, but the things I really want aren't available yet, so I will prob. wait and just order it all together. Let me know when it is. It is all so cute! I can't wait. :)

Bryce & Brittany said...

Hallelujuah!! I'm so so glad that Jarom passed the Barr! I can't be completely joyous & celebrate quite yet because we still have our pending Barr results to wait for! When will it get here?? I just want to know & I really hope that I can celebrate as much as you are right now!:)

allyson said...

Oh, tears! That was SO sweet! I understand least a little right now!! Congratulations!! You deserve it!!

Suzanne said...

Congrats Jarom....totally knew you would pass!!!