Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Utah: Much needed grammy time:)

I'm pretty sure my son adores my mom. These pictures prove it. Actually...I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual.... she adores him equally:)
A week ago today we boarded a plane and headed for beautiful Utah. We enjoyed 5 days there...flew back Monday evening...and picked up my sister Kayla and her hubby Nate from the airport today. YAY! They flew here to spend Spring Break with us and we are super excited.
Anyhow...Back to our UTAH TRIP! Jarom was in Denver for a Trial Team Competition and we decided to celebrate Jaxson's real birthday, MARCH 7th, with family. I had a really good time and so did my baby....I mean, TODDLER:(
P.S. I know that some/most of these pictures are blurry. It is simple. I have no idea how to really use my camera to its potential:) I am great outdoors...but who isn't? Indoors is a whole different ball game. To allow more light...I always change the settings from Auto to P or AV. This for some me a blurred image or a picture that looks as though part (usually a hand or leg) of my child is moving! HELP ANYONE???? I hate having dark pictures...but to lighten them by slowing the shutter speed...I get pictures that look like the one below!
ALTHOUGH...I have to admit it is still adorable. Who doesn't love to hear there kid gut-laugh that hysterically???
LOVE???? Not sure....
Jaxson loved playing on the LoveSac with my mom. It was more like....throwing Jaxson has high as possible and letting him land on the LoveSac with a little Thunk....then hearing him giggle his guts out.
Boys will be Boys!

Don't mind my mom's static was all for a good cause. See....she was rolling around playing with Jaxson. He thought covering her head with his blanket...and then quickly removing it was the BEST THING EVER. Can you tell?
Abuse you ask???? Nope...just more rough housing with my baby...I MEAN, Toddler:(
Yes. She is dangling him from one leg. He LOVES IT!
Moving on to March 7th. My parenst took the family to Maddox to celebrate....YUM! Jaxson was of course served his own dish of ice-cream...which he devoured. He get's pretty serious when he eats....and opens his mouth super wide. It's hilarious.
Relishing every bite....He's just like his mommy!
Grammy also let him play the piano...which was the highlight of his afternoon. It was a nice break from our little apartment for him I'm sure.
He had plenty of places and things to explore. Within the first hour of being "home": He almost fell down a flight of stairs...pretty sure he swallowed/almost choked on a penny from under my dad's desk...explored the cleaners under the kitchen sink and sucked a few good times on the end of the Windex bottle and hair Mousse bottle....played the piano....climbed the LoveSac...chased the cat....the list goes on! All I kept saying to myself was
Kayla and Nate drove up to celebrate the b-day. He got spoiled again! Kayla made him a chicago cubs blanket and gave him a cute basket with more baseballs! YAY!
Oh-and grammy also taught him how to drink from a "big-boy" cup. I want to kill her actually. Since we have gotten home the kid insists on well as feeding himself...doing my hair and makeup for me (no lie...he really stands by me and takes a brush and runs it through my hair...if you try and stop him he screams his head off!)....the list goes on in this category as well.
She tries to teach him new things....and aids in his "growing up to quickly"....I hate it:)
His birthday was special. He is the first grandbaby on both he get's A LOT of attention. At any given moment there are 10-15 pairs of eyes just watching his every move and shouting things like..."oh, how cute!"...."did you see that". Our families really are going to have to stop someday.... before he gets old enough to recognize how much attention is paid to his every move!!!
The Bishops joined my family and we had our own little celebration. We had cake and ice-cream...sang...and opened more gifts. I really enjoyed it. I just wish Jarom could have been there too. I, of course, stayed up WAY TOO LATE forcing Kayla and Nate to listen to EVERY last detail about the night/day I gave birth to him!
I was a LITTLE emotional....who would have guessed???
That was it! We had a wonderful time....and even got to spend time with my Aunt Lana, Cousin Camri, Friend Chelsea and her girls Lauren and Hallie.....and see grandma Hansen....! It was a quick trip...but a much needed break from the Norm:)
Only two more months until Utah is again our official home.....


Chelsea said...

Those are darling pictures of Jaxon and your Mom! I bet she can't wait until he's there for good:) It was so good to see you and Jax, thanks for coming to hang out!

Suzanne said...

dang kristin, he sure was grubbin on that ice cream wasn't he?!?!? i don't think i've ever seen a baby open his mouth that big! LOL! but those were the cutest pictures ever. im so glad you guys had a great time. i get more depressed everytime you count down how many more months are left for you to be back in utah. two months are gonna fly by so fast! :(

Andrea&Matthew said...

hey! I saw you in my parents ward from far away and didnt' get a chance to come say hi!!! Jaxson is even cuter in real life!! Have fun w/ kayla over spring break!!

Kelley said...

I didn't know when you were coming to Utah...We should have met up and had lunch or something. I don't know if you sent me an email or something but, my email has been so stupid lately, IT IS MAKING ME SO MAD. Sorry I missed you :) Hopefully you don't think I totally stood you up or something :)

The Wells Family said...

Grandma's sure have a special spot! Bobby is always talking about "car rides to Grandma's house" and "Grandma treats". He hates leaving when we visit. Last weekend, we were getting ready to leave and he shouted, "NO! Play at Grandma's house!". And Grandma is always more important than mommy. :) Probably because they spoil they WAY too much! I am so glad that Jax feels the same way and had a great time with his Grammy! We should try to meet up when you move here!

nicci said...

grandma's are the best! my mom just loves being a grandma. that's exciting that you'll be back so soon, for good!! =)

Bryce & Brittany said...

These pictures are so cute! It looks like Jaxson had a fun time with his grandma! They are going to have so much fun with him when you're living there this summer. I'm glad you had fun in Utah but I'm glad you're back.:) Thanks for letting me come over to try on the swimming suits. I'm sorry it took me so long to decide!:( Enjoy your time with Nate and Kayla and call me tomorrow after you take them to the airport.

Kevin, Jess, and Kamryn said...

I love checking your blog every now and then, what a cute little family you have. I want to leave you a comment, because I can't help but remember when you came with Chelsea and Lindsay to see me in the hospital after Kamryn was born and I looked HORRIBLE. I look back and pictures of my pasty white, swollen face and think--heaven help me! Anyways, just wanted to give you a camera tip. Never shoot under a 60 shutter speed unless you are using a tripod. This may not be your problem on those pics, but it can be a huge blurry issue. Just a thought.....have fun with your new camera!

Jessica Davis said...

Cute pics of Jaxon! He looks like he loves his Grandma! His B-day party looked like it was a great success! It was amazing! You did such an incredible job!