Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tagged by Deb...!

Ok- I was reading a tag on Deb's blog and laughing at how similar we are....so she tagged me....there are so many quirky things about my personality it was hard to pick just 7....but here goes:(As she so nicely put it....Laugh. Criticize. Do whatever with this information....I can't help it....It's just me!)
(1) SASSY! Jarom thinks I am the sassiest person he has ever met! I don't think a day of our marriage has passed without him reminding me of it! I'm not sure if that's a compliment or what but I'll take it...because it is so true! I have a very sarcastic, joking personality most the time (not all the time...but MOST) and I can get darn fiesty during an argument. So much so that I sometimes wish I could travel back to High School and be on the debate team because I know I could win! Give me a subject and I will learn it inside and out until I can hold my own in a conversation about it. It bugs me when people try and talk about something they don't understand! (My students get this soap box all the time!) I have turned into a total nerd. I live watching Discovery Health Channel or reading dental articles about my obsession with teeth! I get really sassy with jarom but he just laughs....I don't get it......it of course just makes me even more sassy! Most people probably get frustrated with it...but Jarom says it was what made him fall in love:) HA HA.
(2) PARTICULAR! I hate to use the terms OCD or anul...because we are so NOT Deb.....we are Particular about things:) Doesn't that just sound so much more nice? Anyhow, whatever you call it I am a total perfectionist and am particular about anything and everything. I love to have things in order and organized to death. My idea of a fun saturday afternoon would be to clean out the rubbermaid tubs in my storage bay and take load after load to the salvation army! Then, of course, come home and dust! I have an obsession with dusting. I love my house to smell clean and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell of lemon pine sol after mopping the bathroom. My mom laughs that I'm this way...but I know she totally made me like this...because I grew up doing these same things to her house! I am very particular about having everything "in it's place". I will fold jaxson's blankets 20 times a day and put them in his basket....even if he freaking needs them in 5 mintues (according to jarom)! I am particular about having all my christmas presents wrapped in the same paper so they match....or at least coordinate with each other. Half the present is the presentation in my book! You name it....I am probably particular about how I like it done. Oh, folding the towels.....and how they are placed in the cupboard....jarom doesn't even try anymore! I can't help but fix them:)
(3) Can't say NO! It doesn't matter if it's a favor for a friend, something for church or primary or something for work I WILL NOT and CAN NOT say NO! Even if it is the last thing I want to do....even if it makes me scared, stressed, emotional, or is completely out of my way I will say YES and do it with a smile on my face. I will completely change all of my plans in the blink of an eye to accomodate someone else or what they would rather do. I believe this is a disease. Jarom always tries to convince me this particular qaulity is a good one to have....but I sometimes wonder when I have 400 things on my "to-do" list and I might die before I accomplish half of them! I feel so much better when I serve people and I find joy in doing little favors, running errands, or substitue teaching for other people. The problem is that I get myself over-commited and then my little life and family get the brunt of it. The other counselor in my primary presidency tries to coach me on this one.....she will always test me by randomly asking something of me or waiting until someone does and when I say YES....she calls and gets after me! It's funny.....I appreciate her efforts. I learned this one from my mom too.....if anyone needs anything give me a call!
(4) Rule- Follower! I totally agree DEB! I hate doing things I know I shouldn't....it eats at me. I kissed a boy when I was 15...yes I know....and I felt sick for weeks because I was afraid my dad would find out....and I wasn't 16! He did find out....then he cried...didn't speak with me for a few days....and then made me pay! From that day on I hate to break rules. Whether made by my parents, school, work, church....I just guilt myself into a giant mess if I do. Another example: I was in the 7th grade at Adele C. Young Middle School....literally 5 steps away from my front porch. It was lunch break and the school rule stated that "we were NOT to leave school property during school hours". Well, all of my friends paid this rule no attention and decided to sluff and skip off to the neighbor girls house. Who was left alone....right next the fence that separated my house and the school....bawling her head off....YEP, ME!?! My mom was scrubbing her bathroom that particular morning and she looked out the window to see me sitting there bawling. She opened the window and yelled at me to come here. I then "bawling my head off remember" yelled back through tears "I can't mom, I can't leave school grounds during school hours!" I will never forget that! Another disease I think.....
(5) List-Maker! I love to have a list. Oh ya, and a day planner in my diaper bag at all times! For some reason it is the biggest rush to cross something off after I have completed it. Maybe it gives me a sense of accomplishment...who knows? I make several lists a day! No exaggeration. I have one sitting in front of me this second:) I have to have one so that I can remember the 50 things I told people I would do!
Ha Ha. Especially since I quit working full-time. Not that having jaxson isn't a hand full....but now that I stay home the majority of the day I feel so much better if I have written down something I should accomplish that day....and then I make sure I don't go to bed until it's DONE. Don't get me wrong....they don't all always happen....but it gives me a sense of direction I guess.
(6) Ultra-Senstitive! I think my sassiness sometimes disguises just how sensitive I am. I am trying to work on this one....but it's hard. I get hurt so easily and I usually takes things to literally. I have many examples...but not many I want to share! Even talking about them or thinking about them will make me cry. For some reason, if I get my feelings hurt I will forgive but NEVER forget. I remember pretty much EVERYTHING that has ever upset me. Whether it was a lie, gossip, a confrontation, whatever. I get so emotional when I think someone doesn't like me. Maybe it's because I honestly feel like I would do ANYTHING for ANYBODY....but having them dislike my personality....now that makes me a mess:) Jarom hates that....his approach is "who cares...it's there loss?" Ha ha....can you see why I married this man? My reaction is to pick apart every last thing about myself and wonder if thats what bugs them. Maybe it's my lists, or that my house is Organization Central, or my Sassiness that bugs them? Who knows....but I will stew over it for hours....all the while jarom will just listen and watch my tirade of tears!
(7) Hate to be ALONE! I am a talker. I can't stop it seems. I TOTALLY get this from my dad! That means that I hate to be alone. Poor jaxson has had to listen to me non-stop for 8 months now:) I would rather do ANYTHING with anybody...than be alone.... just so that I could have the company. I have gone to the grocery store with people, I have driven on errands, I have come help them clean their house.....just about anything for the joy of being with somebody else. Last night I had the night off of work for Veteran's Day and Jarom was studying for a big trial that he has today....I could have just enjoyed the evening, made some dinner, scrapbooked....but that's not fun alone! My first reaction upon hearing that Jarom had to work was....call my friend Brittany and tell her she has 5 seconds to pack her scrapbook stuff and get her butt to my house for some dinner, scrapbooking and watching The bachelor! I am a people person.... and I would so much rather be with people.
Wahlah! There they are. Upon closer examination I am a complete crazy person! I should totally erase this and not let anyone know me.....but it took a long time to type and I'm trying to work on the whole #6 and take jaroms advice "Who cares what they think....". ENJOY!


Ellie said...

All of that is so true! It makes me miss you even more!

Suzanne said...

Jarom is right! who cares if someone doesn't like you! you are the sweetest, nicest, and funniest person i know and if they can't see that then they have MAJOR issues! you are one of only two people that can make me wheez and almost pass out from laughing! LOL!

Allyson said...

Ha HA HA! So hilarious! I love that you know yourself so well. What a gift! I swear some people are so ultra insensitive (refer to my blog about the blanket nazi) that they really don't get themselves. You are great:)

Tara said...

All I can say is wow....I can't believe you know yourself inside and out!:) I was thinking how I would respond to the tag, and I have NO IDEA! I don't know myself well enough, I guess. I wish so bad, though, that you could A-) come clean MY house for me! and organize...that would be so nice (I am not an organizer) and B-) Call ME so that I can come over and watch the Bachelor! Miss you!

channa said...

Kristin you are hilarious!! I didn't realize just how opposite we are! Chels tagged me and I really dont know what to say for this post. You really do know yourself well.

The Wells Family said...

What a crack up! Yup..more things that we are so much alike in! Except I LOVE to be alone! It is my time to get stuff done; although little visits here and there with friends are always fun. I have a hard time relaxing because I feel like I have to constantly be accomplishing something and multitasking. I am sure you know all about it! :)

Laci said...

You are so funny I can't believe you know yourself so well! I don't think I could some up with that many things I would definately need Nate's help!- I know lame. It cracks me up we are so opposite! I wish I was a little more sensitive!