Wednesday, November 7, 2007

He's 8 months...and crawling!

November 7th, 07! Jaxson turned 8 months old today! How already?, you ask....I thought the same exact thing. It's a good thing I worked 12 hours today and didn't have a second to think about how emotional I was about him growing! Luckily, I did have a few hours off this afternoon and was home to see jaxson crawl (more than a few steps) for the very first time! What a monumental day! I honestly am such a cheeseball when I am around my don't make fun of the video segment. I wanted to post this little video jarom taped of him crawling....but as I watch it, I laugh at how ridiculous I am when I am with him. He just makes my day and I start talking in baby voices and making high pitched squeals just like he does! SO ENJOY:) I just can't help myself.


Jaxson at 8 months is: CRAWLING, Yay! And starting to pull himself up on furniture. This weekend's tasks include: baby proofing all the cupboards and drawers, vaccuming under all furniture so he can't find anything to choke on and trying to de-junk so he'll have fewer things to bang his head on:) Man this parenting thing is hard.

Jaxson is: TEETHING! Holy Moly it is bad. He is a pretty happy baby so it could be worse, but I am so used to his cheery attitude that it's thrown our little "Routine" off a bit. He has 2 precious little bottom teeth. One of them looks like it has mammelons (the little ridges on the top that look like mountains)...completely normal by the way.....PHEW! They can be sanded down if I'm correct and it won't hurt a bit! (I am so anul about teeth!)

Jaxson is: EATING A TON! It seems that every other day I am going to the grocery store for more baby food. Man he can eat! Takes after his mommy I guess. He loves every food you give him except "Peaches" and "Chicken Noodle Dinner". I don't blame him, that one stinks:) Plus I taste them all so I'm not being incredibly cruel by making him eat things I would never touch! He is so right....both of them are nasty. HA HA!

Jaxson is: GIGGLING! He is full of giggles all day long and especially thinks it's funny to bite me during nursing. I can see it in his eyes....and if it didn't hurt so bad I would think it was the cutest thing on earth. I can tell it's his way of being playful....but we need to find a new game, because OUCH! Tonight he bit me 5 times in a row. I kept pulling away and then letting him try again....because usually he'll stop and get started eating. Nope....that little bugger bit down and pulled back....looked up at me and let out the loudest gut laugh you've ever heard. Jarom was sitting right there....ask him, he witnessed it!

Jaxson is: SPOILED BY DAD! This one is so true. This week we had a little argument. Ya know, those ones where you disagree on a child-raising issue. Well, jarom feels it necessary to rock, bounce, swing, sing, sway or WHATEVER to get jaxson to sleep for Every Single nap and bedtime. I, on the other hand, am too impatient and put him in his crib....thinking that he will cry himself to sleep in 5 minutes tops. Am I mean? Well....jaxson is milking it for all it's worth because he has refused to sleep (even for naps) this entire week unless you adhere to the following ritual: enter into my walk-in closet, shut the door providing a pitch-black atmosphere, sit down on my "CORE SECRETS" ball (yes the one that is SUPPOSED to be used for crunches or some form of exercise) and bounce up and down on your bum until he is rocked to sleep. How Jarom learned that this would work is beyond me....but IT DOES!.... I was just happy to see that the core secrets ball does serve a purpose at our house other than collecting dust!

Jaxson is: Still the highlight of our lives! I am getting so excited for him to experience his FIRST thanksgiving and first Christmas! I love all these "FIRSTS" and the fun amd joy a baby brings....

Happy 8 months Jaxson!


Laci said...

How exciting!! He is so cute and It's so fun to hear your voice!! What a cute video and your laugh sounds just like ryans and your Moms! Love It!

The Wells Family said...

First off...what an earlier crawler! Bobby is almost one year exactly older than Jax (so I remember March baby milestones..or I guess how Bobby did). Bobby didn't crawl until January (about 10 mo.). Fun isn't it? Oh boy..does life change VERY drastically when movement comes along. How super fun to see all the fun growing things. You know...Bobby hated Chicken Noodle soup too. However...I STILL feed him baby food (of course he eats normal food too) is the only way he will eat his fruits and veggies. You gotta do what ya gotta do!
I laughed at your post about by "Tag". Don't worry...I dejunk and reorganize drawers on a weekly basis. Bobby is the only one with different colored socks and they are sectioned off into colors, folded together, and yes, checked for problems. In fact (funny you brought it up), I was going through the Bobby's sock drawer this week and I noticed one of his white socks weren't completely white (there was a little bit of light brown on the sole)..yup, got the bleaching treatment and back into the wash. I am OCD, too, but I really have relaxed more over the years...but there are those mean streaks! And you can TOTALLY be tagged by me! :) I was afraid to tag you since I didn't do the tag you tagged me (I had done the same one previously.) So...getting typing and show me your seven facts! :)

Suzanne said...

Happy 8 months Jaxson!!!

Kristin! I can't believe you've tasted his baby food! i can't even bring my self to smell it sometimes! it's not so bad now that Jonathan eats gerber graduate dinner's, but oh my geez! by the way, you don't sound silly on the video. your voice turns high pitched when jaxson comes in for feedings on our break! should hear me when me and jonathan are by ourselves!! HA!

Jamie said...

That makes me laugh! We used to do that to Hunt and Hade, seriously, get on a big excercise ball and bounce, or rock them or whatever to get them to sleep, and we had to give it up for our sanity! I think it's the best thing ever to put them into the crib and let them cry for a couple minutes and fall asleep! Otherwise you are bound to rocking them forever!;) And yay for the crawling! It's so cute! That is really my very favorite stage, it's so fun!...But watch out!:)

Chelsea said...

What good crawling!!! He is adorable!!

Jessica Kettle said...

awww! that video of him crawling is so cute! I think every baby is crawling but mine. haha! the biting is nooo fun. I feel your pain (literally). Max started biting the week before he got teeth. Does Jax have teeth yet? If not, look out! I bet they're on their way!

thepettingills said...

Jaxson is so cute! I love this stage with babies, they seem the haapiest because they can finally explore. Claire started crawling a couple of weeks ago and she is into EVERYTHING. Its so nice when they can entertain themselves more but they still aren't quite fast enough that you can't control them.


Annie said...

I loved this video. It was so fun to hear your voice and your laugh! It brought back some fun times. Your little Jaxson is the cutest thing in the world! I can't believe his is already 8 months old. In no time, Jane will be crawling, and although I am excited for that stage, I don't want this one to end. Being a stay at home mom is a dream come true. I miss teaching, but I am so glad that I am not going back. I know I am right where I should be!Keep posting! I love the updates!

The Munns Family said...

Hi Kristin - I linked to your blog through JC & Carin's. Your little boy looks just like Jarom. I had to laugh when I read this post about Jarom using the core secrets ball to bounce Jaxson to sleep because we used that tactic for months with Haylee before my meanness finally prevailed and we did the whole let-her-scream thing. Cute blog - hope you don't mind if I visit it once in a while. We'll probably see you during the holiday's if you visit your in-laws ward! -Rob & Kristen Munns