Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Ellie started a blog! YAY! I am so happy, and grateful because blogging keeps me somewhat connected to friends and family in UTAH:) Jarom thinks I am "addicted" as I have mentioned before....but when you live 1500 miles away from home...it is WONDERFUL!
For those who don't know my friend Ellie....I would love to dedicate this post to her:) Some things about Ellie:
Ellie is the best. I first met Ellie at Aspen Dental in Logan Utah while attending Utah State University. We both worked for Dr. Matt Lyman (who later was arrested and charged with touching patients while under sedation...no lie....we always knew he was a perv huh Ellie! HA HA) Anyhow, I instantly was in love! She is the complete opposite of me. Laid back, Happy all the time, carefree, never Too Serious, and she has this Quiet confidence about herself. I think that's what attracted me to her personality! I YEARNED to be that ok with myself....that Happy regardless of the situation....That NOT stressed out about getting straight A's in college....or missing a day at the gym:) I was only 18....wierd....and hanging out with Ellie was so therapeutic for me....I need people like her in my life! That explains my choice for a husband! (OPPOSITES attract is such a true statement!) She helped me relax and when I was with her we would have so much fun. She made me put down my Psychology text book or statistics homework and ATTEND girls night EVERY THURSDAY to watch "Friends" and make pina colada's!
I actually didn't like living in Logan....but one thing that could make me go back for sure.....is her! We instantly became friends and I used her house as a "refuge" during mine and jarom's first "newlywed" fights! She was there to witness our wedding and the entire first year of "US". I laugh when I ponder the memories of showing up at her house at 10:00 p.m. in tears and completely in need of her during those fun "first 6 months" of marriage! :) We would jump in "Charlie", her old red truck, and head straight for a milkshake at Sonic! Those were the days.
She is the best cook....and has EVERYTHING pampered Chef! She taught me a lot about cooking and gave me recipes that contributed to my 65 pound weight gain with jaxson! We would love to throw bridal showers, baby showers, or anything that required planning, decorating, a theme, or cooking! It was so much fun.....
We were obsessed with the Dollar Tree....so strange....but Logan doesn't have manu options!
She grew up in Texas and is OBSESSED with the place. She has Texas decorations all over her home and a Texas flag shower curtain. I will never forget that. I loved that about her. She was so passionate about things she loved. She also taught me really crazy sayings that would make me laugh and laugh. I still use some of them and people turn and look at me....like I did when I first heard her say them! Some of my favorites are : "I'm fixin' to __(anything)___!" or "I'm so hungry I could eat my arm!". I used to laugh and laugh at her crazy Texan expressions. She made me want to grow up in Texas!
Oh- She also has Really big hair....oddly enough, she inspired my Huge hairstyle! I still remember the day she taught be to "back comb" the way she does in her half bathroom behind the kitchen! I owe you girl! The bigger the better:)
We loved to gossip about all the crazy things going on at Dental Offices around Logan. It would really amaze you to be honest. We loved to joke about the "thing" the collections guy had for her.....we almost LOOKED for reasons to send people to the collections agency just so he would have to stop by our office. The man who worked there was BEAUTIFUL! (did I mention she loves bald men....) he was bald:)
I could go on and on.....
I am so happy I will be able to check in on her now.....and stay more connected with her life until I move back and am a part of it again!
I love you Ellie....everyone needs a friend like you:)


Brookie, brooklyn, brookabie, brookester, stuckster, cookie, charlie, lizzy, bramski, bs, brookie bo liebie, sketti, brooke-a-licious said...

lol, i'm dating that bald guy and am also ellie's roommate, and he is VERY beautiful

channa said...

I like Ellie and I dont even know her! She sounds like an amazing friend who you should definitely keep around.

Laci said...

Love ellie!! thats a perfect descripition of her. Thats so fun you found eachother! Some things are just not radom..

Ellie said...

You are so sweet to me! I love all that you said about me! You have to teach me how to make my blog cute like yours!