Monday, October 29, 2007

Vala's WITH DAD!

I posted my vala's pictures backwards...whoops! I'm sure my friend Brittany will appreciate being the first one of the bunch...with this nice shot of her and her husband Bryce in the Ice-cream barn at Vala's pumpkin patch! Yep....we went back! I posted so many pictures last time...I considered not posting more...but JAROM was how could I not:)
It was pretty cold friday evening...but bryce wanted Vala's homemade we all hung out in the ice-cream barn to get warm a minute...while he enjoyed some ice-cream. Vala's is so fun...everything is so decorated and themed! My idea of heaven...anything with a theme is so much fun! This cow is right in the middle of the ice-cream shop! Adorable...
My family:)
My sweetie...
My other sweetie....I never have pics of us together anymore. It was fun to get this taken...little jax was asleep at this point!
Me and Avery (another law school couple's little girl). She is almost 4 and is expecting a little brother anyday now! We were hanging out with farmer Homer outside "pork chop Annies" restaurant...where the boys stopped for some food!
My friend Brittany and me. We are so alike it's sickening. She is Honestly the Only person I have ever met (besides jarom) that knows exactly what I am thinking and feeling ALL the time....and likes me anyways:)
Boys enjoying some barbeque!

My little eskimo (sp?) on a pile of pumpkins. I am NOT exaggerating about how excited he gets over's almost wierd! Today he would not stop screaming so I went and got his little pumpkin and handed it to him....quiet for almost 30 minutes...just starting at it! HA HA HA
It was a lot of fun to take jarom. I love this time of year and it was about tiem we got to spend some time as a family....enjoying the season. With all this studies, working, and flying here and there for interviews....we were in need of some "together time".
In line for pony-rides! I promise we won't be going back until next you won't see any more pics of Vala's!


Suzanne said...

You took Jaxson on a pony ride! YAY! Im so glad you found it! I bet it was super fun going to vala's with Jarom. Looks like you guys had so much fun!

Laci said...

That looks like such a fun night! I think i can smell it ;) Oh I love fall! And I love that little hat of jaxsons!