Monday, October 29, 2007

Our weekend:)

I have to say...this weekend was great! Nothing too special..., but busy nontheless. I had a wonderful time with my little family and we enjoyed many hours outdoors! The weekend definitely wasn't long enough but they never are....
Sunday afternnoon we took Jaxson to Zorinsky Lake and park. It was a relaxing afternoon. We played at the park and took a walk around the lake just as the sun was setting. We started talking our usual "what are we going to do when we have to leave this place" seems to be our official "figure out our future" hangout! I love afterrnoons there and hope there will be something like it close to our new home...wherever that may be:)
Just look at how excited my baby boy is to be in a swing at the park? I loved watching him and when I look at this picture I think, "does it get any better than this?" REALLY?

You can see the beautiful lake and sunset behind us! It was pretty chilly and the NO mountains make for some pretty strong winds....which explain my hair in the next picture...
Me and my baby...
There is a paved walking trail for approx. 8 miles around this lake. It is just beautiful!
Later that evening I made one of our favorites for this time of year "sausage cheese dip" and we carved pumpkins! It was such a fun day...and a memory I will cherish. Sometimes I stop and think..."it will only be just me, jarom, and jaxson just this once!" It is sad that just when you figure things out and get to a place you love and feel comfortable.....time passes so quickly.
Yummm....He knaws on everything! Those two little teeth on the bottom get quite the workout during the day! Nursing has become a battle between us. Sometimes I win....sometimes he does and I whince in pain:(

This rocks!

Come on....of course I get serious about something as simple as carving a pumpkin. I can't help's something born in me. I wanted it to be just perfect.
....and to top the night off I made a batch of pumpkin sugar cookies! I don't know why everytime I think of something fun to involves baking or eating? I just equally love to do both:)
RANDOM Other things: This weekend was also the big primary program for sacrament meeting. Ya know...the favorite sunday of the year! Ok-for those of us who work in the primary it is. I have been in this primary for three years now...and I honestly love these children. We worked so hard and I threw them a big pizza party on the saturday night before so we could rehearse and practice our parts! They did wonderful on Sunday and it is such a relief to us (the presidency) to have it over for another 12 months...wahoo:)
Also-Jarom was set apart to a new calling in the Young Men's presidency this sunday. I can't stop thinking about several things they said to him during the blessing. They are all so true! They mentioned that he was well-rounded and perfect for the position becuase of his understanding, patience and love for life.(he would kill me for this) Something that stood out to me was that "he would be such a great example to the boys of how a man can equally balance: family, marriage, professional schooling, a calling, and sports!" I giggled a little inside because OF COURSE a blessing to jarom would mention SOMETHING about SPORTS! He sure is well-rounded and I'm lucky to live with such an example. You'd think after almost 4 years it would start to rub off on me a bit more than it has. He is so so so good at balancing ...I sometimes get jealous at his ability to do so much without getting easily overwhelmed. I seem to get that way pretty quickly! I often think about last semester of law school....probably one of the busiest of the entire thing....he had 20 plus credits, law review and law review editing board, worked almost full-time (which is against the rules), and we had jaxson! Now....that is a few things to handle without even flinching and hardly missing a basketball or flagfootball game:) There is no doubt in my mind he will be able to teach those boys a little something about life:) I still beg him everyday to teach me to handle things with that much grace!
Als0- and as much important....I am SO SCARED jaxson's teeth are going to be crooked, brown, deformed...Anything but normal! Has anyone had these same fears as their children's teeth are erupting? Please tell me what you did to calm down?!? Maybe it's my years of working with teeth...but I am terrified that his sweet little teeth will not come up just perfectly white and in line! aaaaggghhh......I know, so lame....but so true! Please, oh please let them be fine:)


The Larson Family said...

Hi Kristin, I was blog hopping and came across your blog. Jaxson is SO cute! Love the blog. Good luck with the job/interviews and all! Feel free to check out our blog... -Carin Larson

The Wells Family said...

Everything is going to be fine! Teeth are amazing already know that! :) They all come in the same...big gaps that magical grow together.

I seriously wanted to jump through the picture and come to the lake. It looked SOO beautiful and the most picturesque place that I love to be...long walks around beauty.

What fun Halloween stuff! I am making sugar cookies for Halloween and I CAN"T WAIT...they are my indulgence. And you know...I do agree. Sometimes I get so nostalgic when I am with my little family that I can't imagine loving anyone else as much. I guess that is why I am putting off having baby #2 so I can enjoy Bobby a little bit longer. :)

Chelsea said...

well...have you ever noticed my girls teeth??? crooked, spaced, and pointy....and somehow people still tell me they are cute wherever we go:) At least they lose these ones right? pretty funny

Allyson said...

Beautiful lake shots!! Your little family is so adorable. I love the 'activities' you do with Jaxson even though he's just a baby. I get so excited because I start to think I can only do those types of things with ten year olds. Fun pumpkins, fun cookies, you're fun:)! (and I am corny...sorry)

Suzanne said...

How can you leave the state that has beautiful Zorinsky Lake? And we all know there's NO WAY you can leave your awesome students! Looks like you HAVE to stay in Nebraska! :)

Taylor and Emily said...

Zenock had told me that you had a baby, Jaxson is adorable. If you could, do me a favor and tell Jarom hello for me. I am glad to see that things are going well for you guys.