Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Grandpa Bishop's B-day Card!

Ok---this was the funniest! I got home from work tonight at like 11:00 and I saw this homemade card on the counter. I was like, "what in the heck is that..." Jarom had really made a B-day card for his dad and this was the design!!! I swear...I about died. Jarom and his dad are always sarcastic and joking with one Jarom thought it was funny to have jaxson flip him off. ~~How rude...use my sweet baby boy like that! I did get a pretty good laugh though. Jaxson can't seem to bend that middle finger very easily because I have several pictures that look just like this one. I even have an ultrasound....and the only thing you can see is jaxson's middle finger! What a stinker!


Pam said...

Kristin, I am laughing so hard at that picture because the first picture I have with Bailee, she is flipping the camera off. He is so adorable in all his pictures.

Simkins said...

Kristin, That is the funniest thing I have ever seen! Thanks for the good laugh! Jaxson is just getting cuter than ever!