Monday, June 4, 2007

We're Back!!!

I have to apologize first for how long this post is. We had quite the vacation and are really excited to show my brother Ryan in Madagascar what we've been up to. We love you Ry and can't wait til you join us next summer!

This is Jaxson's first plane ride! We are lucky he is such a good baby. I was a nervous wreck...but he just laughed and smiled the entire ride. He even pooped all the way through his clothes during take off so we had to lay down our little trays...ya know the ones that were supposed to be in "their locked and upright position" and sprawl him acrossed them and change his butt in mid-take off! Quite an adventure!

Jaxson's blessing day was one of the best days ever for me and jarom! Jarom gave jaxson the most beautiful blessing and I had many people tell me that jaxson must be a special little guy after all his daddy told him during that blessing. I, of course, totally agree that he rocks! This picture is of the Forsyth family at jaxson's blessing.
Bishop family at jaxson's blessing!

Jaxson was spoiled rotten and had lots of love from all my little cousins. Shule and Zenock...hurry and get jaxson some cousins of his own would ya?
Cousins Ashton and Emma Lee!

Cousins Brielle and Bailee!
It was also fun to see Jashon graduate from high School while on our trip home! He will start at Utah State this fall....congrats Jash.

I think jaxson had a fun time meeting chelsea and the girls. It was fun to spend some time with her while in Utah! I thought it was quite funny how jaxson is 3 months and they are 11 months....yet only 2 pounds different! Jaxson is going to be a buff little man!
I thought it was really special that we were able to see all of jaxsons grandparents, great grandparents and even visit his great great grandma while in Utah. This picture is of of Jaxson's great grandparents on the Peterson side!
Great grandparents on the Forsyth side!
This is Jaxsons great great grandma Leah! He is her first great great grandchild and she loved getting to meet him for the first time! He is one lucky little boy.
Memorial day has lots of traditions at our house. We always decorate my uncle wades grave (my dads little brother) and my grandma Saundra's. This is my family at grandma's grave before our family barbeque.
Wade's grave in Aurora Utah!
This is Nate Everyone! He is my new soon to be brother-in-law. Kayla got engaged a few weeks ago and will married in the SLC temple on October 5th. It was fun to meet him and I enjoyed getting to know him. I definitely approve and am excited for jaxson to have a great new uncle!
Memorial day weekend we always go for a four wheeler ride in the mountains. This is us in Sevier county Utah!
Jaxsons first four wheeler ride....I guess it's never too early. He's only 2.5 months old!
Last but not least this is jaxson meeting his uncle stephen who I want Jaxson to be JUST LIKE! He is so sweet and a great example. I am grateful to have him in my family and am even more grateful that my baby boy has someone so special to look up to!
Relaxing with uncle Nate and aunt Kayla!
Thanks everyone for coming to Jaxsons blessing. It was great to see everyone and we are grateful for the support. We hope to see you all in a few months!

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Chelsea said...

How fun:) Crazy you can be here one minute then so far away the next! You left at a perfect time...its rained for days. I think rain is a stay-at-home-moms worst nightmare! What to do!?! Loved all your pictures and being able to see you while you were here!