Monday, November 1, 2010

....the flu shot...

So... I was wrong when I thought getting the flu shot was a "retarded way of inflicting unncessary pain on yourself".
I would pay for one right.this.second.
I'd take 5 in each arm, thigh or butt cheek....wherever they want....I'd willingly comply.
I am soooooo sick. I want to die.


Jaxson threw up all over me 3 times a few weeks back.
MAYBE it has a little something to do with that?!?
I'm no expert...but holding your 3 year old in your arms when he "unloads" probably is as "EXPOSED" as you can get to the nasty bug.
(Mothers deserve awards for things like that/this)
Jarom won't come near me either.
Other than to hand me pills of some sort.
Oddly enough...
It's making it way way worse.
BUT...nothing I say will convince him to spoon me.
I will never eat again.
I promise.
p.s. How early is TOO early to decorate for Christmas?
Love, me

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Hickman Family said...

Kristin-you kill arm was so for a week after that silly shot, I feel your pain, kinda :). Love all the pics of your cute boy, oh and love the Halloween costumes, they are so cute. Hope you feel better soon!

P.S. I finished two aprons! And they actually look like aprons....Thanks for the advice on where to look for a pattern.