Friday, January 15, 2010

...valentine's box...hoarding...randomness at it's best:)

I kind of combo'd 2 ideas in 1 on this little baby!
Valentine's Box, Countdown, prizes...just something fun to make February more exciting for my little one...and for me. You should do it...your kids would love it.
I explain it all HERE...check it out!
I also gave the recipe to my Corn Chowder...which is delicous!
I have lots of friends who want I finally posted it for you to copy down:)
SO SO SO GOOD. SO SO SO EASY. Only kinda Healthy:)
Back to our Valentine's Box for just a sec...
I also think it could be used as a great reward system to TEACH something you want them to learn:) I'm thinking simple chores and being a better listener! The list could be endless...but I need to focus on a few things at a time:) I feel like I repeat myself all day long...and I'm currently working full-time as his personal slave. Not kidding: wiping his butt, putting him on the pot to begin with, feeding him his lunch of macaroni and cheese bite by bite. I can't say no.
Such is motherhood I guess!

I remembered how much I loved making a Valentine's day box in elementary school...ya know, the ones your classmates would leave valentines in. SO I did it with Jaxson...
Question: Does cupid visit anyone else on the planet...or is that just us?
Story: My mom has some serious traditions when it comes to V-day. Maybe it's the sucker in her that can't for the life of her pass the Bright Red and Pink isles and decor that suck you in like a vaccuum at Walmart. That's what does it for me. It is impossible to avoid. Impossible. Anyhow, every V-day that I remember until 17 years of age...we'd randomly (while doing homework or eating dinner or watching TV, etc.) hear the door bell ring. When we'd go to answer...nobody would be there of course...but the porch was C.O.V.E.R.E.D!!! Red, pink, white balloons...candy...presents...shirts sporting every shade of V-day colors imaginable. Makeup, lipgloss and more candy. It was always fun.


That's one thing I cherish about growing up with Natalie Forsyth as my mother. She'd never disappoint on a holiday. Never. My mom knows how to celebrate a holiday...and make it a blast for her children:)


You know where I'm going with this.

I am her child.

I have no choice.

I was sucked into the "loving holidays more than life" category by blood...not by choice.

Therefore, Cupid is coming...and soon.
Ideas are bursting I tell ya.


Have you ever watched "The secret life of hoarders" on Discovery Health Channel?!?
Or is it just me. The only person who would choose Discovery Health over the Kardashians or something as equally stupid:) Ok---I did watch an episode the other night when I couldn't sleep. It's quite entertaining.
(picture of the 3rd time I went through the garbage in the den this week to search for something important)
Anyhow, if you haven't...a quick description of the show would be this: THEY CANNOT AND WILL NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY. Anything from receipts, to food, to clothes, to old pictures, to trash. They become ridiculously attached to things and feel like they could use them or make them work for them again in the future. One episode the other night made me gag until I wanted to die. A woman...refused to throw away food. Her house was just rotting. She would eat 4 year old yoplait yogurts she was saving in her fridge. It was infested...and she refused to part with ANYTHING.
Ok, now that you are grossed out. My point.
I have the Opposite of this disorder.
Polar opposite.
I am serious.
I LOATHE clutter and junk. I throw away everything!
I wake up thinking "I am going to go throught the closet and see what I can get rid of today!"
(...Even if I just did that...and have nothing left...)
It feels so good. It is liberating:)
It also causes fights between me and my significant other! ha ha.
He is constantly frustrated because I throw things..important things...away!
My reasoning: if it's shouldn't be just lying around!
Of course, when is a man going to nicely tuck the student loan, or mortagage payment envelope into the cubby that I've specifically designated for that purpose. It is so much easier to just toss them....and weeks later expect them to be in that un-orderly pile on the desk.
Over my dead body.
he he.
Needless to say...Both Jarom and I have sifted through the trash this week to find something important. Maybe one day soon I'll prefer piles of clutter to sifting through trash cans.
I'm not promising you anything. But...just maybe.
Last but not least.
My child has discovered the ice and water on the fridge.
...2 days ago I decided that I needed to get back on the exercising wagon. I found my "water bottle" in the back of the cupboard and brushed the dust off. I haven't done any kind of exercising for 8 months. The longest period of time in my life. Pathetic.
For my defense...I was TOO busy for 6 of those months....then for the past 2...just trying to recover and giving myself this "you deserve to be lazy" reward:)
Anyhow, He watched me "attempt" my workout video (which by the way has caused me the worst pain I have felt up to this my life. I have called 3 people today just to complain about how I can't even sqaut to pee without my qauds giving out.)
...he also watched me down about 3 jugs of water as I huffed my way through the video...that was 20 minutes long by the way:) I am admitting this for heaven knows what reason....
He is now obsessed with water.
I guess it could be worse...since the doctor told me on Wed. evening at his 3rd year checkup...that my child cannot live on Chocoloate milk and Chocolate milk alone...and is currently getting 2 times the recommended amount each day. Whatever.
He also tries to fill his cup with ice and water himself NOW.
Which results in puddles of water on my brand new wood floor.
Not good...not good at all.
Lucky for me...I am extremely thorough and predicted 6 months ago when I picked out my fridge that this day would come!
BEHOLD...the locking refridgerator!
The smartest invention...and my smartest idea this year:)
It is making me smile today. As it has saved me from many hours of mopping and drying...and has caused him many hours of concern and confusion:) aaahhhh...ha ha ha.
Have a wonderful weekend!
I am updating about my adventures in Faux Painting HERE...


Stacy Ellison said...

I love valentines day too! so much fun. just so you know i have that same fridge. love it! funny huh,

Matt Jordan Tenesey said...

K love your kitchen and fridge and your other little activity blog. Do you have any ideas on making a "busy book" for church?! I need to find one asap lol! Please oh please let me know.