Friday, November 20, 2009

Santa's Lap

Today we ventured to the mall (for the second day in a row) to sit on
Santa's lap
Jaxson loves it more than life.
I LOVE that I am available to take him:)
I could definitely get used to all this T-I-M-E
Other children cry and whimper, clinging to their mothers shirt.
Not my son.
Jaxson pushes past them and climbs up on his knee...blinking 100 miles an hour and batting his eyelashes. Little squirt.
I swear I don't know where all this personality came from?!?
TONIGHT the visit went a little something like this:
Santa: What do you want for Christmas?
Jaxson: I have no idea
Santa: What do you like?
Jaxson: Oh...I remember. I want a HUGE four wheeler and trucks that can PULL motorcycles on trailers!
Santa: That sound fun! Have you been eating all your dinner?
Jaxson: I just barely ate a whole pizza
(total lie)
Santa: Good! Have you been being good for your mom and dad?
Jaxson: Well...Lasterday (Jaxson's combo of "last night" and "yesterday") my dad put me in time-out and spanked my butt.
Santa: Well I'm glad you are being better today.
Jaxson: Yep
Santa: Well I have a coloring book for you to take home.
Jaxson: You already gave me one Lasterday, remember.
Santa: You can have another one, deal?
Jaxson: Thanks.
(he jumps off his lap...and into the stroller)
We are on our way towards the exit...and Jaxson turns and yells..
"Bye Santa...I'll call you Later."
The entire line was laughing.
So was I.
He sure is a lot of fun right now.
I can't wait to see him on Christmas.
Me, My mom, Mother-in-law and Sister are SOOOO excited to watch him.
I guess it's time for another grandbaby...on either side!
Hope you're enoying your Holiday Season.

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