Thursday, February 5, 2009 of those...

This was One Of THOSE Days:)
(I like this kind.)
The kind where I wake up at...Oh...10:00-ish to my son sitting patiently in his crib shouting "Moooom. Mooom---wake up!" I love waking up to that sweet little voice of his.
Then we share a bowl of lucky charms...and pick all the marshmallows out one by one.
'Cus we can.
For the record...I'm not lazy...I just have a very odd schedule lately! I usually hit the sack bewtween 2:30-3:00 a.m. Not lying. (it is currently 2:34 to prove my point) I love getting everyone tucked in bed and settling down for "ME TIME".
"ME TIME" could include (and often does) taking a bubble bath...blogging...Digital scrapbooking...Gossip with Mandi as we cuss over Photoshop and it's inconsistencies:) On nights like evening may include a LARGE Lemon-Berry Sluch from Sonic (most likely 2000 calories of pure syrup...but whose counting?!?) and "Law and Order Re-runs".
Delicious and entertaining. I lead ONE exciting life!
It was also one of THOSE days in which I don't dress or bathe my child until mid-to-late afternoon. Don't judge me. I get distracted. I went to put away laundry and then decided that every... single... drawer in the dresser must be de-junked immediately! All Jaxson's EARLY FALL clothes must be retired for his future sibling and tucked away in a tupperware labeled "18-24 months" while I cry about him growing older and blast tunes on my IPOD.
It was one of THOSE DAYS where I fiddle around...not accomplishing much...and then hurry and shower (shave legs) and splash on some perfume JUST IN TIME to greet Jarom from work....all the while acting cool, calm and collected like I have looked JUST...LIKE...THAT since 9:00 a.m.... after I ran 5 miles of course and scrubbed the bathroom. ha ha. Ya right!
Well....THESE few pictures I snapped of my crazy kid prove EXACTLY what kind of a Day it was. Did I mention that I LIKE THIS KIND...the lazy, non-productive FUN kind.
These would be his boots. The only article of clothing he cares about...and must wear at all times. I hated spending money on them....because I knew he's wear them twice and then grow out of them. I was wrong. Money well spent:)
These boots are also the ONLY article of clothing (other than his ball cap) that he wore for half the day. Hee hee.
The brown stains and smears all over his face???Glad you asked!
That would be a "PUUUDIN" as Jaxson calls them....and he ate it with a "smoon" if you were wondering. I love his little's definitely the best part of my day right now.
A chocolate-banana 60 calorie pack pudding...we share at least 3 a day.
Just heaven.
I also love how he drives his four-wheeler. He is usually STANDING on the seat....and screaming (ridiculously loud) "VROOM VROOM VROOM". Only this isn't in is sweet high-pitched baby voice. No No NO.
This he does in the most disturbing gut-rumbling, back-of-the-throat he's mimicking the REAL ROAR of an engine.
I will fail as a mother if I don't get it on video. I stop and stare at him every...time...wondering what on earth can be going through his little brain:)
His boot fell off...and he tried for a good 10-15 minutes to reach it and put it back on without moving his butt from his bike.
All in all....It turned out to be a pretty good day.
I even found time to work on plans for Jaxson's Birthday Party. I can't wait!!! Birthdays are always so much fun....and I remember my mom always making them so special and such a big deal. I hope to make them the same for my kiddos. Especially because it's only 1 time a year....I want him to have the day of his life:)
I just finished the invites...the menu...the goodie bags...and the "Search" for the cake...phew. The only problem: I AM NOT a cake-maker. I do, however, give it my best shot. Last year was a replica of Wrigley Field...with a 3D Cubs hat...and baseball. It about did me in. I am going for a little Less-COMPLICATED this year: Dump truck/work site/gummy worms/fudge....something along those lines. Wish me luck....Pictures to come.


Erin said...

I saw a really cute cake idea somewhere for a construction type party and all they did was take a big toy tracker or dumb truck, anything with an open "bed" to put things in and then they made a normal chocolate cake and cut it up in small squares and put half of it in the bottom of the bed and then put chocolate pudding over the top of that and then sprinkled the rest of the cake over the top of it to look like dirt. Then if you wanted you could put the worms in it or whatever else you wanted. It made a cute table center with the big dump truck and then Jaxson would also get a new dump truck toy when the party is over.

I just thought I would let you know about that cake idea. It is way simple because all of the decorating is the toy dump truck not the cake.

Erin P.

The Christensens said...

I love those kinds of days and am glad I am not the only one that has them:) They come very few now that my kids are older and have to be places, but when they were little it was like an every other day thing.... Oh how I miss those days, enjoy while you can cause they grow up and then you get to busy for them:(

Bryce & Brittany said...

Sounds like a nice day! I love days like that! What a coincidence...I was taking a bath last night from 1-2:00 AM.:) Love it! Jaxson has the cutest little chubby legs, he cracks me up.:) I can't wait to hear him say my name to my face.:) Have another great day!