Thursday, January 8, 2009

....yes, I realize....

...that this is my 3rd post... this week....



My baby...I mean...little boy (sigh) has a little bug...and in order to get him better quickly...I have hunckered down and not left the house in 3-4 days. In those four days I have changed countless diapers, shared countless popsies (popsicles), read countless books, done countless loads of laundry, sang countless comfort songs...given countless baths...(you get the idea).


Hence the works great to help keep me entertained:)


A definite plus has been LOTS of time to work on my New Years Goals!

Such as:

1-exercise, ha. (I tried one day to walk on the treadmill for an hour...I ALMOST succeeded...THEN...almost threw up.

2-begin to understand my camera a little. (The good news is confinement has given me countless hours to practice. I have been taking TONS of pictures of my little man.)


Earlier this week...I may have wandered down the Valentine's Day isle at Walmart.


No...I am not quite ready for another holiday...but that never stops me from looking:) I think my sister's exact words when we walked by it were "that makes me want to throw up!"

ha ha.

Well...Jaxson LOVED candy corns at Halloween...and lucky him (and me) they make CUPID CORNS at Valentine's Day. Who knew? I purchased a big box for him and filled up this nifty little glass jar. I use the "tweets" to convince Jaxson that obeying is a good idea:) I keep them on the bar in the kitchen....and if he listens and says "peese" he gets a few.


Today he scaled the barstool...climbed onto the counter and helped himself.

Obeying...not so much.

Simply betcha!!!



Are you dying or what over those glasses?!?


Do I know where they came from?

NOT... A... CLUE.


I was laughing hysterically. Jaxson DOES have several pair of sunglasses and he LOVES to wear them around the house. BUT...PINK ONES??? I have no idea where they came from or where he found them. They are his new favorite thing, unfortunately. The best part is that...99% of the time he is wearing them upside down.

pink sunglasses

...and/or on his head like his mama...
He is the funniest kid ever lately.

fake smile 1

....and the above picture would be....

Jaxson's new smile.

He figured out what my camera is. I knew it would happen eventually...but it always makes me smile and laugh out loud when I see it. He shouts "CHEESE" and everything...while squinting his eyes shut tight.

fake smile




I wish the following pictures had anything to do with the previous...but they do not.

They do... however, capture what we've been up to the past few nights. Tonight we shared a fudgesicle before bed. George and Jaxson also took a wagon ride around the family room...pretty exciting huh???

curious george


black and white popsicle


oh yah...we also found HIS sunglasses...and he agreed to wear them instead.

....Upside down and all....

--Here's to hoping the weekend will only get better:)


The Christensens said...

He has got to be the stinking cutest kid!!! Those pictures are adorable:)

Bryce & Brittany said...

You make me laugh.:) I love random posts like this one! Jaxson is adorable and I love all the cute pics of him....even with his pink glasses on.:) Nice try on trying to bribe him with candy corn...he's a smart kid to just help himself. I swear I'm going to call you today when I wake-up. Talk to ya later!

Cris, Callie, and Cayten said...

You are a great photographer . . . I am trying to get there. Your lil guy is adorable. Love the b&w with Popsicle. Hope he gets over the bug soon!

nicci said...

that stinks (no pun intended =)) that jaxson is sick. i've been doing the same thing since tuesday, no fun!
also, a while back you posted about the apron you made, where did you get the pattern? i think it is so cute and got a sewing machine for christmas so i thought i would try it out.
and i don't think i got your e-mail to add you to my list so send me your e-mail and i'll add you (if you want of course!) sorry this is so random! my e-mail is

thanks =)

Maranda said...

Cute pictures...I think you are doing a great job of taking pictures with your awesome camera! Joel and I came to Utah only to get I hope Jaxson feels better soon. Being sick is the pitz!

The Wells Family said...

what a little stud. that is all i have to say about him. and seriously..who said dressing a boy wasn't fun? it is dang expensive, but a serious habit. i know that you feel the exact same way. :) did you do the pics with the b/w pic with a colored item. and also the pic where it looked the background was all black and they jax was lighter?? and besides..what are you doing to understand that the heck photoshop is about?? i definately wouldn't know the first of how to play around with it. ugh

Allyson said...

Cute pics! I need to take lessons!

tai and joe said...

Oh man I hate being sick... I can't even imagine when it is your little kids sick. He is the cutest little guy ever, I hope you have a better week.

Luke, Nicole, and Brighten said...

I'm impressed with your pictures already!! I especailly love the b&W one with the colored candy, good job. I'm buying a new camera in the next couple months. Do you have any great insight for me?