Wednesday, November 5, 2008

...bell shaped reeses....

Tonight (around 7 p.m) I went to Walmart....looking precisely the way I did when I rolled out of bed this morning at 10:30 a.m. (Life's rough I tell ya:) and lucky/poor Jarom. Ha!
While I was picking up the "standard" 5 items:
1 Gallon of vitamin D milk for the little guy (check)
1 package of apple juice boxes (check)
1 box go-gurts (check)
I happened upon the Christmas Candy isle.
Yep...Christmas candy. Holy Freaking Crap (my mom hates when I say that :)
What's the date again? Could it really be...?
REGARDLESS...I was ecstatic.
For all obvious reasons of course...but mainly the bell shaped and TREE shaped Reeses.
Oh---how I begged Jarom to let me fill the cart with them:)
Do any of you know what I'm talking about???
I think it is hilarious that I (we...I'm hoping there are more of you out there) never hesitate to pay TRIPLE for something...just because it has been melted and re-shaped to the perfect little symbols of the holiday:) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the egg shaped ones at Easter. I'm a sucker for any and all things Holiday.......
and YES they taste completely different than the original ones honey:)
I exercised wonderful self-control...and somehow made it out of there (the isle and the store) without a single treat in tow.
THE PROBLEM: It is now 1 a.m. and I am pacing the house in need of chocolate. Preferably a Bell shaped Reeses... yet there's nothing but leftover Halloween-sized Starbursts pouches. Disgusting. I hate those.
Wierd, I know.
SO...I did the unthinkable. I found my mom's Visiting Teaching goodie bags...(the one's that she still needs to deliver) and helped myself. Inside each little "gift" there was chocolate. Even better...Reeses. Could I seriously be so lucky???? I was.
I opened them...ate every thing inside that contained Chocolate.... and am feeling much much better now, thank you.
1-Make new Visiting Teaching Goodie Bags for my mom!
2-Possibly Beg Forgiveness....
3-Head straight back to Walmart and buy myself a bag...JUST in case a similar emergency presents itself in the future.
Here's to the Christmas Candy isle at Walmart. I totally love it.


Carin said...

Haha! I love it! I am just as bad.. I always buy the "holiday" candy. It just tastes SO much better. Even if I don't eat it, it is in the pantry for emergency's. By the way... 49 days until Christmas. I was so excited when I saw a countdown on someone's blog. :) Yeah!

Tara and Andrew said...

I totally know what you are talking about. I beg my husband for the "holiday reeses". They have WAY more reeses in them...Love it!!

Maranda said...

I've always been a huge reeses lover, but those holiday reeses just happen to be my all time favorite reeses. They taste way different than the regular reeses....(Jarom)! So much better. I had my fair share of pumpkin shaped ones last month. You shouldn't have told me they have Christmas ones now because they'll be on my mind now until I go buy some. What can I say....treats have been more of a craving for me now that I'm prego.

Bryce & Brittany said...

You kill me!! I love this post because I can totally see you playing this all out! Great story telling and dramatics too! I'm sure your mom will forgive you!:) I will agree that holiday reeses are my favorite and "yes" they do taste different that the originals Jarom.:)

Nathan & Kayla said...

Just so you know you are in HUGE know better than to post about your mistakes missy!! haha jk...I have a little something to say...I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a little more peanut butter than I should have had...geesh whats up with us and peanut butter!

Sharida said...

I'm with ya! I wait ALL YEAR LONG just for those egg shaped Reese's. There's something about the chocolate to peanut butter ratio that makes them SOOOO GOOOOOD! It's just not quite the same as a regular one. lol

smnorton said...

I found your blog through Tanya I hope you dont mind me checking in on your family. Your little Boy is so cute and about the holiday candy I totally know what you are talking about!!

The Wells Family said...

Hey! This has totally nothing to do with this post although i think it is hilarious. Totally something I would do, except with baked goods.

Okay..does Jarom's dad know the best way to get tickets to the Presidential Inaugeration?? Rob and I would love to go especially since we are already in DC. Any help would be great!