Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Last Day...

Things are officially changing! Last Thursday was my last day of work....EVER! (Well, I shouldn't say that yet...since I am almost positive that I will always be the working type and/or enjoy having a job.)
My current Full-Time position as wife and mom are are now going to get my undivided attention....for the next year, AT LEAST...(jarom...I promise, ok:)
My students and fellow colleagues are the best! I will forever be changed by my experience here in Omaha....but more so by my time at Vatterott. I was happy and grateful for the opportunity to inflict positive change on the school, department and hopefully my students lives. They sure did change mine. My job was picture perfect....and I'm pretty sure I won't ever have one I enjoy more. It was very rewarding...and I made some amazing friends.
When I moved to Omaha...I was quite nieve. My students changed that pretty quickly!!! Ha ha ha. They have each touched my life in their own way....and I will forever be in debt to them for opening my eyes. Unforuntalely life isn't as simple and sheltered for most... as it was for me growing up in little Brigham City, Utah. I am scared for my baby to grow up in this world....but I am up for the challenge of preparing him in the best way I can:) I have learned so much from each of my students struggles and admire how they have survived, endured, and overcome great odds. Thanks girls...I will miss you.
We of course celebrated...every night for week. I'm the I'm in charge....and we can do it if I say!!! ha ha. That's what I'll miss most. Jarom thinks I like being in charge.
He's kinda right:)
We ate lots of yummy food and my student Suzanne got me a YUMMY cake. We enjoyed a piece every night of my last week. We spent the week doing fun things like making Bleaching Trays for ourselves...and goofing off, like usual.
I took some pictures so I could remember what it looked like.
Impression trays!!!
....I even made Jarom come and let me demo impressions on him, he has been a good sport for the past few years when it comes to my job...
These are a few of my favorite students. Suzanne, Jenny, Stacie, and Ashlee. They are all so brilliant and will make great dental assistants this Fall. I taught them for about 6 months...and this picture is of me instructing proper hygiene techniques! ha.
Another reason I love my job: we were always having fun and got paid to do it! That is Jill (the one on the left) she is the other Instructor...and we have worked together since Day 1. She was hired only 2 weeks after me...and we have spent MANY hours discussing, re-vamping, and stressing about the curriculum and various student issues. You would not believe the crazy things that have been thrown our way the past few years. GOOD LUCK JILL:)
Girls in the Lab...working on their bleaching trays.
My classroom.
Herman. My skeleton...whom I wish I could bring with me...but he's heavy and Jarom wouldnt' allow it. I was a tough teacher I've been EVERY STUDENT I HAVE EVER HAD. I didn't think so...but I did make them do things like memorize every bone and muscle in the entire body and their function. I tried to make it I should get some credit. My Phase 1 students about a year and a half ago named him Herman Hernandez. I have no clue why???
This would be terminator...all set up for a demo of some kind.
OUR great dental opertoratories. This is where we perfrom demo's and pass-offs...and they give the students great hands on experience.

The school. oh, have I spent countless hours inside this building. It was my life throughout my entire pregnancy. I will never forget it....nor will I forget how scary it was to walk across that parking lot EVERY NIGHT at 11:00 p.m. and pray to not get mugged, killed, or kidnapped.
I will miss it. Wierd, I know.


Tegan said...

O my gosh I can't believe it's been that long since we worked together in Logan and you guys were just getting ready to move to Omaha. Time goes by so fast. I bet you are sad to leave but SO excited to be in Utah again especially by your family!!! Good Luck with the move. I know how it is with a little one when trying to pack and all.....just wait for moving day :( We have moved 3 times since Peyton was born. IT'S HELL!!!!!!! But now we are in Boise and it's GREAT cuz we will be here forever. or at least I hope.

*Harmony* said...

OMG.....Kristin this just brought tears to my eyes.....Good Ol' Herman Hernandez..LoL....We had some fun times in your class.....Thank you sooo much for everything you ever did to help me.....You not only were a teacher you were a friend.....I'm soo bummed i wasn't able to say goodbye to you.....YOu truly are an amazing person and Teacher.....I'm going to miss seeing you around.....I wish you and your family the best of luck back in Utah and i hope you can make it back for graduation......You will be missed......

Suzanne said...

As retarded as this sounds...i was sobbing my eyes out reading this post. i know it seems stupid, but i can honestly say that you changed my life pretty much. i only signed up for school because everyone was on my back about doing something with myself. Dental Assisting was my second choice and im so greatful i couldn't find any classes on being an x-ray tech. You made coming to class everynight fun and exciting and there were days that i couldn't wait to come to class. if i would've had a different teacher, God only knows what i'd be doing with my life. Thank you for being a mentor who loved teaching us and would do anything to make a lecture fun even though we didn't want to read it because the chapter was like 1000 pages long, thank you for showing me how to be a better person and making me laugh at the stupid things that only me and you thought were funny when everyone else looked at us and thought something wasn't right with us, and most of all thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a friend that i could talk to wheather jon was being a a**hole that day or when i needed to talk to someone about the crap i've been through to get it off my chest. Kristin, you have truley made an impact on my life and i will never forget that. i wish you, jarom, and jaxson the best on your new chapter of life. i hope you will get to come back for graduation. us night girls already want you to come back and you've only been gone since last thursday! We will miss you!

Ellie said...

I am so glad you made it through the last 3 years, when you left here I wasn't sure how you were going to! But I knew you had it in you! Good luck moving!

Tara and Andrew said...

I really do understand how you feel. It was SOOO hard to leave my students at BYU-Idaho. I still miss teaching and wish that we could go back!:) But, life moves on and you have better experiences ahead of you. At least you always have the memories of teaching and having crazy, weird, and great experiences!:) Good luck in the move!

Bryce & Brittany said...

I know how much you liked that job but what a great opportunity to be a stay at home mom! You and Jaxson are going to have so much fun!