Thursday, February 28, 2008

yOuR'e InVitEd...

Jaxson's Party is on Saturday, March 1st! Below is a picture of the one-year announcements I sent out a few weeks ago....and the "baseball ticket" or invitation to his baseball party!
We (and by we I me "I") can't wait!
The announcement was made to resemble a baseball card...listing all his current stats! If you can't read the writing it says, "Jaxson John Bishop ROUNDS FIRST".
I thought I was so clever. hee hee..... :)
Ok-I originally wanted to write "Jaxson Dives into first"...but Jarom corrected me and I guess that CANNOT happen in baseball. Minor correction....and WAHLAH! Darling announcement!
Here's the ticket or "admission" to the event! It was fun to deck Jaxson out in Cubs Gear and give him his very first Cubs Hat purchased just for the occasion. It was fun to get creative with it and put his birth month, date and year as the section, row and seat. As you can see...we are even holding it at the Bishop Stadium!!
You know those people that are content to ONLY have girls...or constantly whine about how much better girls are....WELL THEY HAVEN'T THROWN A BASEBALL PARTY....because oh my word!!!! This is fun! ~Boys Rock!~
Can you imagine Jarom's life???? Being married to someone as crazy as me? Poor guy:) I am so excited I could scream. I only wish all those friends in Utah could attend!


Chelsea said...

CUTE invites and tickets:) That is so fun! and How exciting he is walking...and good luck with that:)

nicci said...

k you are way creative. those invites are so stinkin cute! good luck with the party and the walking!!

Suzanne said...

im so excited to come! i bet you can't wait. i wish i could've been as creative as you when doing jonathan's party, but it still turned out good! see you saturday!

Carin said...

You are SO creative! Those are really cute. I am just starting to make Zenock's... I should just have you do it. :) Love the baseball theme. YAY for Jaxson walking.. How fun!

The Johnsons said...

Cute! And I know exactly what you mean about people who only want girls! Boys are SO much fun! Good luck with the walking! :)

Bryce & Brittany said...

I definitely love the invitations and ticket to get in!:) I better not forget my ticket tomorrow or I'll be denied entrance into Bishop Stadium!!;) Can't wait for the party! See you tomorrow!

Abby said...

Ok, am I totally LAME!!! I just found your familys CUTE blog! I am adding you to our friends :) I am totally impressed with the cards, And how in the world did you make them! I agree with you about boys are just as fun as girls. What a cute mom you are.

The Jones Family said...

Dude! You guys are awesome! Jarom you married a creative little lady there....You're obviously still a Cubs fan.....Nice! He's a cute little guy!