Sunday, February 17, 2008

Our Date Night =)

I LOVED our special Valentine's Date on Saturday evening. It was a much needed break...and although we hate to leave little jaxson, it is simply a must from time to time:)
Jaxson had a blast playing catch and getting spoiled at Jill's house while we enjoyed a night out on the town! We ate a yummy dinner topped off with Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake...YUMMY! (Adams Peanut Butter Fudge Ripple Cheesecake to be exact!) We then enjoyed walking around the little specialty shops at the Old Market. I'm not a fan of getting my picture taken these are the only two of the evening...UNTIL we picked up little jaxson that is!
This picture is in front of a little modern home decor shop called "Niche" had SO SO SO much cute stuff. Jarom, of course, thought it was wierd....ridiculously ugly...and over-priced.....yet he still patiently followed as I walked around and pointed out the lamps, rugs and paintings I would totally buy if I had any money at all! Ha!

The BEST PART of the evening was when Jarom surprised me with my Gift. I have been talking about and begging for and researching like crazy these two different camera's! I wanted a nice camera with Photoshop worse than anything! The Cannon Rebel XTI or the Nikon D40x.....that was the question??? I wasn't sure which I wanted....and I figured that I had a few months to decide because the plan was to save up and get one for my B-day in May.
WELL........He surprised me and wrote me the sweetest letter I have ever hear AND gave me a silver Rebel XTI for Valentine's.....HOLY CRAP WAS I EXCITED! I still am. Mainly because I don't have to stew over which one to get anymore....AND because this camera Rocks! I have taken 250 pictures today alone. Of course, I have no idea how to really run it yet....but I can't wait to learn. I also have no idea how to run any of the Photoshop CS3, In-design, Illustrator, or Adobe Pro software yet...(and I'm pretty sure it will take years for me to learn)....BUT I AM THRILLED to say the least. It was the best gift ever.
I have spent a few hours this afternoon playing around with it....and thought I would share some cute photos of my boys wrestling and little jaxson playing around today! ENJOY~
Jaxson giggles and squirms like crazy when Jarom tries to kiss his neck! I think it's ticklish for him!!! I loved these pictures....

I thought this was so cool. I was playing around with the texture options and it makes the photo look like a painting or poster. So fun!
Playing in his crib.....
I love those big eyes.....he has me wrapped around his finger. It's sickening, I promise!
Big boy.....When I see my baby wearing a tie and all ready for sinks in that he is really almost 1. I hate it. But doesn't his little mini tie make your heart melt???
Grandma, will you come visit me????
Trying out the mohawk!
I'm sure I'll have a ridiculous amount of pictures to post in the weeks to I try out my new present. Thanks again made my YEAR!


The Wells Family said...

Ahhhh! You are making me want to get one RIGHT NOW! I have had this desire for the longest to learn photography and get a GREAT camera (maybe from dreaming at Jess Kettles blog??). Anyways...Rob has been wanting to get a Nikon/Canon for a few months now and I (being the debt-conscious person) said we would wait until next Christmas and use our X-mas money....well, cross your fingers Rob gets a great internship this summer because I WANT ONE NOW!!!!!!!!! Keep posting so that I can keep dreaming and planning...

Mauressa Jaussi said...

How fun! We just got a new camera for Christmas from Beau's parents and are loving it. One day we'll get a really nice one, and i'd love to take a photography class or something too. He's adorable! I need to learn how to do more of the digital scrapbooking stuff too... have you been doing any of that for your scrapbooking?

Kelley said...

WAHOO! I am so excited for you that you got your camera!!! I am glad you are having fun playing around with it. Wait till you break into the manual will be loving it even more :)

Bryce & Brittany said...

I am so excited that you got your camera!!! The pictures look great!!! I'll bet you haven't put it down since you got it.:) I didn't know you got PhotoShop too! That's fun!

Kyle and Janel said...

Congrats on getting a fun camera, how sweet of Jarom. Well anyways, we are excited for Jaxson's bday party and for sure will be there. Thanks again for the invite!

Jamie said...

Those EYES!!! They kill me! Jaxson is too too cute! Awesome new camera! You lucky duck!

channa said...

I LOVE the pictures of Jax and the dog! I have a small dog who I really didn't love once Nate was born BUT now that Nate is older they are BEST friends. Seriously, my dog is my babysitter when I get in the shower! You'll love it:) I think we've found a house in Pleasant View for a good deal that we're going to make an offer on! Yikes! Its such a big decision. Good luck to you too!! Email me those web sights that you guys look on (