Sunday, December 2, 2007

Happy Birthday to Jarom!!!

SO-it's a little early...but my Jarom's b-day is this Friday, December 7th! (Also-my baby turns 9 months that day...wahhhhh) Anyhow, Jarom has a pretty unfortunate B-day with it ALWAYS falling on a FINAL EXAM day. Not to mention it being a few days before our anniversary and only a few weeks before christmas....He got totally jipped! Since I've known him he has spent his birthday taking some kind of exam, whether in undergrad or (for the last 3 years)...a 5 hour law school exam! That stinks:) We had an ice-storm on Saturday that permitted leaving the house or doing ANYTHING but staying inside and keeping I decided it was a perfect time (and the only time) to celebrate!
I made him a Texas Sheet cake and just to piss him off put the candles in the shape of a heart (things like that make him so annoyed:) He thinks anything sweet or romantic is LAME! ha ha ha....Jarom isn't really into sweets I made him MY FAVORITE! hee hee...
Well....HE USUALLY isn't that interested in sweets...but this particular day I think stress of Finals got to him (I can totally relate honey)...because while I was making his big birthday dinner he was devouring a whole corner of his cake...BEFORE THE SONG...OR THE CANDLES! How rude.... looks pretty "ghetto" as my friend Suzanne would put it.....ha ha. I completed the celebration with my favorite version of the B-day song...the one we sing in primary every week!
"This month is such a special one....(most of you know it)". Jarom usually stares at me like he is confused at how I became this way in just 4 short years of marriage???
Happy b-day daddy....
I made him hold up some of his gifts like he was my 5 year old child. I don't know why I do this actually? I think it's just habit and instinct....I watched my mom for so many years do it with us....I do it and don't even realize! He didn't get anything too exciting from me and jax....just some clothes and movies. Oh-he always loves to get new Nike socks and lot of gum! He IS getting old.....boring. We watched the Grinch....and had a really enjoyable night! I love you jar.
Happy 28th B-day Honey!!! (28 Reasons why I love you)...I hope you are goes:
1- You're a Wondeful Dad!
2-You still whistle at me...So sweet!
3-Your kind to everyone
4-Your patience...I don't know how you got this trait...but I love it.
5-You do everything I at least the 3rd time:)
6-You work so hard for our family
7- You are freaking smart....I know I can ask you almost any question and you'll know.
8- You take time every day to play with Jaxson. I appreciate that you make so much time for us.
9-You always thank me for cooking, cleaning, etc. I LOVE that you always recognize the little things....
10-You always let me pick the restaurant!
11-You let me pick Every movie...:)
12-You have a great sense of humor
13-You always make me laugh
14-The freckles by the sides of your eyes
15-When you bite your bottom lip to keep from laughing at me...
16- When you surprise me by bringing me ice-cream to ALWAYS works. For anything.
17- If I'm sad, you'll talk with me til 3 a.m. even though I know you want to be sleeping...sorry:)
18- You tickle my neck until I fall to sleep.
19-You actually Enjoy and prefer my sassiness....It confuses me....but I'm glad.
20- You are so easy-to-please. I love that it doesn't take much to make you happy or content.
21- Your obsession with baseball...I think it is cute how much you love it!
22- Your athletic. I love that you can pretty much play any sport. VERY big turn on.
23- Your goatee...or whatever it's called. Never shave it...don't listen to my dad. I LOVE IT!
24- You're a better cook than I am....and you make dinner a lot! Thanks.
25. If I have to get up early (and you don't) get up too and lay out or iron my clothes and pack my purse...make sure my cell phone is charged, etc. You take such wonderful care of me.
26-You fill my car with gas.....I think I have probably 3 times in the last 4 years. Seriously!
27-You ALWAYS ask my opinion about things...even though you don't want to hear it sometimes. Ok-most times.
28- Your eyes....and eyelashes. I would trade if I could.


Brittany said...

You're so cheesy!! I love it! Bryce would just die if I put 31 reasons of why I love him on our blog. I will admit-- we do have pretty amazing husbands don't we?! Oh-- tell Jarom happy birthday on Friday if I forget.:)

Suzanne said...

You guys are so cute! jon doesn't do even a third of the things jarom does for you! you're so lucky! when i seen that picture of the cake with the side already eaten off, i was like "DANG! someone was hungry!" but then i read the caption about it. cute clothes that you got jarom. where'd you get them? pac sun? anywho...HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAROM! GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR FINALS!!

Chelsea said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAROM:) I wish I could have enjoyed some of that sheet make that really yummy!!!

Tarbets said...

hi kristin this is steph burgon. i can't believe you have a little nine month old! he is adorable and perfect:) what a fun family. it has been so long since i have talked to you it was nice seeing your blog. what are your plans after law school? super cute family!