Saturday, December 8, 2007


Jaxson turned 9 months old yesterday and that meant..... a checkup! His stats are as follows:)
25% Weight
50% Height
85% Head
He WILL grow into that head one of these days...I promise. He is healthy as can be and I couldn't be more grateful!

Daddy getting me dressed after my weigh in!
All Done!
Later....just helping mom unload the dishwasher!
Man...this kid is everywhere!!! I cannot do ANYTHING, not my hair, not shower, not the dishes...not ANYTHING without his help. I MOST the time LOVE it....but wow it is exhausting have that much company ALL THE TIME! Without fail...he will crawl around the house until he finds me...and tug on my pant legs all day long.
Mommies little helper....Thanks jax:)


Allyson said...

I can't stop laughing out loud at the picture with his hat and his little shoes on. It's like he's saying, "Here I am, just happy to be here with my little hat and my little brown shoes:)" Also, in the startled firework picture, it doesn't look like his shirt says "born"...look at it:) I was like, "what??!!" and then I realized it said...Born To...:) ha ha

Brittany said...

What a cute little fart! We really bonded this past week!:) It looks like he's ready for a chore list mom!:) He's already helping.

Jamie said...

Nine months old already?! Wow he is growin right up! I guess you better tell Jarom that you need to get crackin! (little bro or sis for Jax!)haha just kidding! I showed Nate the message you left on my blog that my boys need a little sister, I totally agree...Nate isn't so sure yet...

channa said...

Don't worry about the big head. Nathans head is in the 100+ percentile (height 75th, and weight 50th). That just means our boys have big brains!! Seriously some stufy said babies with big heads had higher IQ's later on in life!

Jessica Davis said...

Kristin, your little boy Jaxon is adorable! I hope you don't mind I found your site off of Jamie and Nate's blog spot. I haven't seen you in forever. You have such a cute little family! You are beautiful as ever too. My brother Jacob had a good sturdy noggin when he was little too! He was so cute, and eventually he grew right into it. Merry Christmas!

The Jones Family said...

"Jared! Mother warned us of this!"
-words of Mitchel Buchanon

Dude, I just found your guys blog and wanted to see what your up to. I havent talked to you in like five or six yrs! shoot me an email at
Later Skater!

Cameron Jones

Toyn Family said...

Its so crazy he is already 9 months. Hadlees head has always been big too, dont worry, I am still hoping that she will grow into it!! ha ha... so our blog background and stuff is so confusing i cant do it i leave it up to Matt. I find the paper i like and how i want it and then he does it. We have to go in and change the html code i have instructions i could e mail you!

Suzanne said...

WAHOO! NINE MONTHS! he's getting bigger by the second! he's so gonna be walking soon, i can feel it comin on! i miss being in your class too! i hate that we can't conversate during "work time". this pahse isn't so bad though, i don't like it but it's not as poopy as i thought it would've been. Thank God for you and jarom that his finals are over! now you guys can have some more family time. this weekend i made x-mas cookies with jon's sister..i'm bring some to school...YUM-O!!

Annie said...

These pictures are darling! I love the one of Jaxson on the side of your blog with the beanie on. SO CUTE! Thanks for your comment and advice on my blog. I love that these blogs bring people together. Jane has her check up on the 19th and I am just dreading the shots. It breaks my heart to have to hold her while she is screaming bloody murder.