Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mastered it!

Well....I think he's got it! Jaxson can sit up on his own now....IF we put him in that position. He is yet to get to that position on his own...but I think that's after crawling? Who knows....I don't keep track of the "milestones" as I should! I just enjoy things as they come:)
Still a bit tipsy....but that's what makes it so cute!


Allyson said...

Oh wow!! How adorable is your header??? How do you do that?? You looked so amazing at Peach Days!! I could have never guessed that he was your baby had I not seen him grow up via blog!! Cute boys!

Jessica Kettle said...

I am so jealous! Max isn't quite there yet. what did you do to help the process along? anything special? Jaxon's giraffe pictures are sooo cute, i love the costume!

Kassie said...

Oh he is so cute in hats! Time goes by so fast after you have a baby I can't believe he is already 6 months old. When is Kayla getting married? I loved those pictures of her bridals that you posted! It was good to see you at Peach Days even though it was for just a minute!

The Wells Family said...

Okay...this has nothing to do with this post (although Jax's is BABE!) But..I am glad you understand! And I TOTALLY understand! Men just don't get it sometimes. I always tell Rob that he has to give the bathroom at least 3 hrs before he can use it. Maybe we should say.."Poor Husbands"...they have to deal with us extremely anal people! I was reading your side post about yourself...and almost thought I was reading about myself! I am a complete organize/clean freak! And I DO always stop by the organization section of Walmart every weekend (when I do my grocery shopping). It give me a high. I am also completely obsessed with my label maker...the though labeling and organizing something gives me such a rush!! AHHHH!! We need help!