Monday, April 9, 2007

Bed Hog!

Jaxson loves to sleep in our bed with us! I usually make him stay in his bassinet because that is not a habit I want to break later. However, he is starting to figure things out around here and at 4:00 a.m. any screaming that lasts longer than 5 minutes directly results in him being placed right between me and Jarom. It's amazing because two seconds later he is sound asleep. The other day he was so comfortable that he slept for hours and hours and any attempt to wake him caused him to grunt and swing his little fists. This picture makes me laugh because he has taken over our lives....and now our bed!

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Chelsea said...

Good job Kris:) Your blog looks are right on top of it! Your family will enjoy being able to keep updated without having to beg you to send pictures! What did they ever do before the internet??? Hallie has also figured out how much more comfy our bed is than hers- Pretty funny how smart these little babies are! Hope you had a great Easter!